Oil and the Tax Bill

Gas prices might continue to get lower. This is because the government is going to allow more drilling. The current tax bill, which is making its way through Congress, includes a provision about oil exploration. Why is it in a tax bill, you may ask? Well, that’s just what Congress does.

Both parties, depending on the bill, have been known to include side projects in bills. I suppose it’s a way of sneaking extra things in the bill that might not necessarily pass if they are on a separate bill. For example, Congress is also about to repeal the individual mandate for health care. This is also attached to the tax bill. It’s amazing what types of things, which have nothing to do with the main bill, can be attached to a bill which is likely to pass and become law.

Oil drilling will expand. The bill also includes provisions for renewable energy, which is also great. All types of energy should be explored so that prices continue to drop. Personally, I’m for renewable energy because it’s the healthiest type of energy for the earth. My favorite type of energy is solar energy. This energy can be stored in batteries and is something that many companies are actively developing technologies for. Regarding oil, the tax bill will allow more drilling to happen in an Arctic refuge.

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, I want to make sure that any wildlife is protected in this area. After all, it’s called a refuge or a reason. On the other hand, I, and well as almost everyone, want lower prices, especially when it comes to gas and energy prices. America must continue to lead the world in competition in regards to business and technology. Energy is part of that leadership. I do hope that, with the new law, provisions are made to guarantee the safety of a local wildlife that may be in or near an area where drilling will take place.

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