Low Gas Mileage Cars

When it comes to gas mileage, some cars have it better than others. While many of the cars with poor fuel economy can be visually identified (large trucks, farm vehicles, semis and more), others can be a bit more deceptive due to a smaller appearance or unknown variables about the car’s inner workings or how it runs. Many people have dream cars based on how fast they can go, how they look, or even how many children they’ll be able to drive to soccer games using it, but sometimes the gas mileage can turn those dream cars into gas-guzzling nightmares.

Owning a luxury sports car is not an uncommon ambition among the general public, but just because they can go fast and impress pedestrians as they pass them on the streets does not mean that they are exempt from being judged for their miles per gallon. Even when they are in their natural habitat on a high-speed road, these cars tend to have a very low MPG compared to standard driving vehicles. This number gets even lower when they hit the city streets and neighborhoods, so unless you plan on driving fast (only sometimes) or hitting the gas stations often, these cars may not be the best money-savers on the market (though everyone has to admit, they look extremely cool).

Utility cars that help people with their various lines of work also tend to be on the fuel inefficient side of things. These cars sacrifice good gas mileage in order to accomplish tasks such as carrying heavy loads, having enough horse power to tow other vehicles or carriages, or performing the jobs many of us see done around town or the city (school buses, lawn work supply trucks, etc). Though these may not be dream cars to most, they are heavily sought-out vehicles to those who need to get those jobs done. It is the hope that the income made from finishing whatever task the vehicle can accomplish will offset the poor gas mileage that comes with owning these vehicles.

A realm of poor gas mileage cars that people do not think about are the cars that are made fuel inefficient by the owners who drive them. Bad or unwise driving habits and car upkeep can make a car with an average MPG or better into one that burns a hole in wallets with every tank of gas that gets refilled. Oil changes and other tune-ups not being done regularly, in addition to behaviors such as speeding or a tendency to idle for long periods of time (in a hot parking lot with the air conditioning on, no less!) are just a few other factors that can make a good car run badly.

So, just because the car isn’t the talk of the town, or one building the town, does not mean it can’t be just as fuel inefficient as those others. In the end, smart driving and smart picking when buying a car can cut down on one’s future gas mileage expenses.


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