How to Compute for Your Vehicle’s Gas Mileage

With the continuous increase in gas prices, you need to find out the cost of your driving. Usually, your car will get less mileage as it ages.

Compute Miles per Tank

Drive your car until the fuel light turns on. Then, fill the tank up. Take note of the mileage on the odometer. Also, note the total amount you’ve paid for the gas.

Drive as you normally do. Then, when the fuel light turns on again, jot down the mileage. Then, subtract the previous odometer reading from the new reading. It will tell you the number of miles you travel with a full tank.

Compute Miles per Gallon

After getting the miles per tank, you can divide it by the capacity of your tank in gallons. You will know this capacity by checking your car’s manual.

But, if you do not want to begin with an empty tank, you jot down the number of gallons you put in your tank. Then, take note of the number on your odometer.

The next time you fill up your tank, take note of the gallons. Then, check the odometer. Subtract your old reading from the new one. Then, divide the difference by the number of gallons you just put inside the tank.The Difference between Manual Computations of Gas Mileage and the Computer Generated Mileage of the Vehicle

If you want to evaluate your car’s miles per gallon, you cannot just rely on the reading on your dashboard. This mileage readout is for comparative guideline only and not for use as an accurate reference.

If you are using ethanol gas, your car’s computer counts mileage by referring to the fuel injection pulses corresponding to the number of miles you have traveled. This may not be necessarily correct because the assumption is that the computer knows the energy content in the fuel. The figures may be inaccurate if the computer assumes the ethanol content of the gas.

How to Save Money on Gas

Keep an eye on your fuel economy

You may find this boring, but this is important in a number of ways. First, gauging fuel economy helps you decide if changing the way you drive can have a significant effect on your gas mileage. Second, you can maximize your driving style if you know your fuel economy. You need to find out how the speed of your car and the way you accelerate it can help you save gas.

Care for your car’s motor

Ensuring that you maintain your car will prolong its life and make you safe. Your gas mileage will improve by as much as 4% if you care for your car. By inflating your car’s tires properly, you improve your gas mileage by 3%. Using the correct oil will improve your gas mileage by 2%.

In essence, ensuring that your car runs smoothly will also make fuel combustion efficient.

Do not add unnecessary weight to your car

Your car wastes fuel if it has unnecessary weight. If you will be driving, ensure that you do not bring heavy stuff that you do not need. Taking out 100 pounds of weight from your car will improve its fuel economy by 2%.

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