How Efficient Driving Can Improve Gas Mileage

Climate control is within your reach. If you try to make your car fuel efficient, you can maximize gas mileage by as much as 30%. To do this, you need to maintain your vehicle in tip-top shape and improve your driving style.

Refrain from aggressive driving


You increase your fuel consumption by about 40% if you practice hard braking and “jackrabbit starts. As studies show, these practices can only reduce your travel time by 4%. Yet, they produce five times higher toxic emissions.

The right way is to accelerate smoothly and slowly. Then, shift into high gear quickly. If you are driving within the city, your car uses about 50% energy in acceleration.

Drive within the required speed limits

If you increase your speed to 120 km/hr or 75 mph, you increase your car’s fuel consumption by 20%. If you want to improve your car’s mileage, you need to drive at 55 mph.

Do not idle your car in the winter and summer

Idling wastes fuel and results in greenhouse gases. If you are not in traffic and know that you need to stop for at least 30 seconds, you need to turn off your car’s engine. During the winter, you are not to idle your cold engine for at least 30 minutes before driving, especially if your car is new.

Inflate your tires properly

You prevent increased rolling resistance of your tires if you inflate them properly. Yet, if you under-inflate them, your fuel consumption can increase by 6%.

Check tire pressure monthly

While in your driveway, you can begin checking your tire pressures. If you notice an under-inflated tire, you need to inflate it as soon as possible. Then, you need to recheck tire pressures. If the tires are low, you need to inflate them.

If you have radial tires, they can still look normal if under-inflated. Thus, you have to use your tire gauge to know the results consistently. Normally, you can expect your tires to lose one psi every month. Also, for every 10-degree decline in temperature, your tires lose one psi.

Consult the operator manual of your car if you want to know its right tire inflation. Also, you can request the same information from your tire dealer.

Choose the proper gear

Driving at an unnecessary lower gear and using the top gear in maneuvering corners and hills waste fuel. If you use an automatic transmission, you will be able to shift to a higher gear more smoothly and quickly. You have to shift gears up to the top gear quickly without the need to accelerate harder.

For older cars, use air conditioner reasonably

If you’re driving within city limits, your fuel consumption increase by 10% on a hot day with the air conditioner on. Instead of using the air conditioner, you can use your car’s flow-through ventilation if it is cool enough.

Newer car models have better air conditioning units. Thus, you do not need to turn off the air-conditioner.  


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