Higher Prices

The last time I went to a gas station wasn’t too long ago. I have an SUV (sports utility vehicle) so there is plenty of space for gas. Honestly, I think I only need to fill up the tank about once every two weeks. Maybe it’s because I don’t drive that much. But I enjoy not having to go to the gas station every week.

The last time I filled up my tank surprised me. It wasn’t because it took too long to fill up. Yes, I usually wait until the tank is almost empty to go to the gas station. I know I shouldn’t do that. What happens if I have an emergency and need to drive a long distance quickly? What happens if I’m driving and there is not a gas station for many miles? I don’t want to catch myself running out of gas, only to be left stranded in the middle of the road. Now that we are in winter, it would be a worse situation for me. It’s literally freezing outside. Depending on where I am, I might not even survive running out of gas! Good thing I live in a city, and far from rural life. I think I’d be alright if I ran out of gas. However, it would be extremely annoying, especially in this cold weather. Therefore, I’ll try better to fill up long before the tank gets close to empty.

What surprised me as the gas station wasn’t the time it took to fill up. It was the price the gas. I know I shouldn’t complain. Only a few years ago, gas was over 4 dollars a gallon. But last night the price of gas was closer to 3 dollars a gallon. I hope that It doesn’t keep creeping upwards! The price for gas was just over 40 dollars, which is something I haven’t paid in quite some time.

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